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Find out how to subscribe to our semantic analysis tool

Identify the offer you are interested in


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Unlimited subscriptions and token packs

1- Token pack offer, (From 100, 200, 500, 1,000, to 2,000 tokens)
You can generate a certain number of guides according to the number of chips at your disposal.

Note: To generate a single guide, you will need 5 tokens. This means that for a pack of 200 tokens purchased, you can generate 40 guides in total.
Also, you don't have access to all our features (the idea module and the idea explorer are only available to monthly and yearly subscriptions)

2- Unlimited monthly subscription with no commitment for 80€ H.T./month or unlimited annual subscription with 1 month free.
You have access to all our features and to an unlimited number of generated guides.

3- The API subscription which adds to the unlimited subscription an access to the API and of course the access to the classic front-end for an amount of 300 € excluding tax per month.

SEO-TXL subscriptions (A.I. writing assistance)

All 3 plans give access to the same features, the difference is the number of words you can generate each month.

  1. SEO-TXL Small = you can generate 50 000 words
  2. SEO-TXL Medium = you can generate 125 000 words
  3. SEO-TXL Large = you can generate 250 000 words

There is a sliding scale fee.

  • For the Plan SEO-TXL Small = 30€ exluding tax or 0. 0006€ per word
  • For the Plan SEO-TXL Medium = 55€ exluding tax or 0. 00044€ the word
  • For the Plan SEO-TXL Large = 100€ exluding tax spot 0. 0004€ the word

Unlimited and SEO-TXL subscriptions are independent, you can take one or the other or both at the same time.


At the end of each month, there is an automatic renewal; you can unsubscribe directly online at any time or if you encounter difficulties, you can contact the support:

So how do I get a subscription now?

Just click on the "Subscribe" button

pricing subcription monthly

and create an account to connect to the platform

Then register to activate your account

An email will be sent to you to verify your email address.

Verify by clicking on the link sent to your inbox.

Login to your account > click on your profile at the top and click > "Subscribe".

⚠️Make sur to fill out all the required field, Enter all your information for the edition of future bill. 

N.B.: The country field is essential for the calculation of the VAT.

Click on "Subscription" and select the offer that suits you best

Then click on "Payment Method" and enter your bank details:

- the VAT number if you are a company,

- the payment card you wish to use.


⚠️ The transfer payment method is not available for the monthly plan. 


You can also send us an email at to request a quote if you wish to pay by bank transfer on the annual plan.